Ergonomic Seating / Accessories

Ergonomic Seating / Accessories

Intensive Use Seating

Our partners at Concept Seating offer a product line that is specifically designed to withstand 24/7, intensive use. Each chair has multiple adjustable components and is the best in class for ergonomics and durability.

All of our Concept Seating products include the following:

  • 550lbs weight capacity
  • Dymetrol suspension
  • Adjustable height and width of armrests
  • Adjustable recline or tilt forward option
  • Optional adjustable headrest
  • Replaceable covers
  • Safety casters
  • All steel frame
  • 6-year parts only warranty, including normal wear and tear
  • 10-year warranty including all manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship

Ergonomic Seating & Workstation Accessories

Humanscale’s award-winning, ergonomic products re-define the essentials of a typical workstation space. Ranging from seating to lighting to monitor arms, CR Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide users with Humanscale products that make their job easier. Some of our top-selling products include:

Freedom with Headrest

The Freedom task chair automatically adapts to the user with every movement. Key features include:

  • Dynamic, articulating headrest
  • Self adjusting recline
  • Synchronous adjustable armrests

Freedom Details

Element Disc Light

The Element Disc Light is an LED desk lamp that is suitable for any work environment.

  • Offers seven levels of brightness
  • Includes an occupancy sensor that turns the unit on/off
  • Available in 20 mounting options
  • Flexible for easy storage

Element Disc Lighting Details

M/Flex Monitor Arm

The M/Flex is Humanscale’s multi-monitor arm system that can hold anywhere from one to six display monitors.

  • Versatile system that can be easily reconfigured by the addition/removal of monitors
  • Can hold up to 120lbs. of monitor equipment

M/Flex Monitor Arm Details


The QuickStand is a revolutionary desk accessory that can transform any fixed-height desk into a adjustable sit-stand workstation.

  • Lightweight and can be moved easily from one workstation to another
  • Seamless integration of cable management, mechanisms and moving parts into its chassis
  • Available in dual monitor configurations

QuickStand Details