Console Features

Console Features

Sit Stand consoles

Electric Sit / Stand Options

Available as a feature on many of our products, operators can change from a seated position to a standing position with the simple touch of a button. The ergonomic benefits of changing positions throughout the day include reduced fatigue and increased productivity.

Bar mounting for display screens

Variety of Display Mount Hardware

Slat wall or pole-mounted monitor swivel arms allow the monitor to be effortlessly moved such that appropriate sight lines and viewing angles can be achieved.

Dimmable task lighting

Dimmable Operator Level Task Lighting

Dimmable operator task lighting allows each operator to be in control of the amount of light shed upon his/her workstation. New LED designs offer long life and low energy consumption.


Integrated Personal Environment Controls

The EnviroLinc Touchscreen Interface is a customizable comfort system that allows each operator to control their own personal environment comfort including air, heat, light and work surface height.


The PowerLinc is a power distribution system that is crafted specifically for 24/7 critical environments. This product features three 20 Amp circuits which are combined into a single 8-wire armored cable. PowerLinc Hub can have either 6 or 9 outlets, depending on your need. PowerLinc is gangable connectors to provide power to multiple consoles from one source.

Cable Management

Hidden cable management can be integrated within consoles to avoid clutter and ensure the safety of operators, while still offering easy access for maintenance repairs.

LumiLinc Green

This integrated visual lighting system enhances situational awareness throughout the control room.

Custom Storage Options

Custom and personal storage options for consoles are available in a variety of forms, including standard PC storage enclosures or heavy-duty steel rack enclosures.


We offer custom matching millwork including wall units and filing cabinets, islands and peninsulas, credenzas and pedestals, and boardroom and conference tables to create a seamlessly integrated control room.

Other additional features include:
  • Range of product platforms with customized modular design to fit your unique needs
  • Optimized legroom, sightlines, and reach
  • Soft urethane nosing
  • Acoustic panels
  • Sturdy steel or aluminum frame construction to ensure long service life
  • Integrated work level data and power convenience ports
  • Range of processor storage and accessibility options
  • Streamlined designs for installations where processors are remote
  • Available acoustic panel enclosures
  • Lifetime warranty on structural components