Custom Consoles

Custom Consoles

Some Highlighted Products Include:

Dispatch III™

The Dispatch III™ is a durable, modular and ergonomic console developed specifically for the public safety sector. The Dispatch III™ incorporates sit-stand functionality, optional pop-up and slatwall power and data access, PC storage with easy front and rear access, and a cable management system to distribute cables throughout the console from top to bottom.

Dispatch III™ Console Details

Custom Evans Dispatch III consoles side by side


Evan’s Response™ console is built to withstand tough, 24/7 intensive use. Its solid steel frame, sturdy laminate work surfaces, and soft urethane nosing create an extremely durable yet comfortable workstation. The Response™ offers sit-stand versatility.

Response™ Console Details

Evans Response custom console example
Response NEXTGen 4-leg layout

Response NEXTGen™

The Response NEXTGen™ gives you complete design freedom. Place individual consoles, rows of operators, or clusters of collaborative groups in your control room layout with ease. You can choose single or dual surfaces when considering the individual work environment and the demands of your organization. From full cabinet enclosures to a fully open concept, the Response NEXTGen can accommodate local or remote CPUs with ease.

Front access PC Storage

Strategy™ SX

Evan’s Strategy SX™ is the latest and greatest on the market. Its heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame offers superior strength and durability, while its modular design continues to allow unlimited design configurations. The Strategy SX™ incorporates a re-engineered structure which allows a cavity for optimal legroom and storage inside the console, making it the most spacious Strategy™ yet.

Strategy SX Console Details

Evans Strategy air custom console example

Strategy™ Air

The Strategy Air™ is an unrestricted work space that allows for layout flexibility and user collaboration with a streamlined design. This customizable console incorporates a cable management system to hide cluttered cords and cables within the structure of the console.

Strategy™ Air Console Details

Evans Strategy Air console with multiple operators

Strategy™ Air Sit / Stand

The ergonomically advanced Strategy Air™ Sit Stand console allows the operator to move from a seated to a standing position. This console incorporates a cable management system, a removable PC holder and is flexible enough to adapt to any control room layout.

Strategy Air Sit Stand™ Console Details

Evans strategy sit stand console with two operators

All of the consoles described above can be customized to your wants and needs. Click below to find out more about the types of additional features: